Hal Danaisms

Anyone learn how to count in binary in high school? Zero, one, zero, one, zero, one... it's not too exciting.

How much memory does a computer have? (pause) All of it.

Windows 95 has been out since uh... well, since '95.

Anyone ever blame the computer for something? I do... sleepless nights, uh...

(taking attendance) Is [name of person] here? Going once, going twice...

(computer on his desk beeps) Sounds dangerous.

(passing back papers) Ruth? Not here? We're ruthless.

My first Apple computer was $5,000. Hey man, it had 48K memory!

I'm not going to put grades up on the machine today, mostly because the machine isn't working.

(holding up a keyboard) How many of you type on this thing and characters show up on the monitor? (one person raises her hand) One person? (pause) That's unfortunate.

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